Dog Breed Gifts


PugSpeak offers dog breed gifts including Japanese Chin, Boston, Beagle, French Bulldog, and Chihuahua earrings as well as Greyhound, Shih Tzu, Poodle, and Lab Handbags. Simply click on the thumbnail below to view a larger photo, description, and pricing.


Japanese Chin Earrings 1 Japanese Chin Earrings 2 Japanese Chin Bracelet 1 Beagle Earrings 1 Beagle Earrings 2 Boston Earrings 1 Chihuahua Earrings 1 French Bulldog Earrings 1 Lab Chocolate Earrings 1 Lab Black Earrings 1 Shih Tzu Earrings 1 PugSpeak Horse Earrings Japanese Chin Purse 1 Japanese Chin Purse 2 Bernese Handbag 1 Dachshund Handbag 1Greyhound Handbag 1 Lab Puppies Handbag 1 Poodle Handbag 1 Retriever Handbag 1 Shih Tzu Handbag 1 Yorkie Handbag 1 Japanese Chin iPad Sleeve Boston Coin Purse 1 Chihuahua Coin Purse 1 Dachshund Coin Purse 1 Bernese Wallet 1 Retriever Wallet 1 Boston Cosmetic 14